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by Kevin Kristopher on 05/09/18

Hey guys. Thank you to all of my clients, and support team for helping make Get-N-Ready Fitness Club all that it is. Things are going great and that is all thanks to all of you. The boot camp classes are also going very well. Everyone really seems pleased so I've added more times. Go to the "schedule" tab and take a look and see the new times. 

Here is a new clip of one of the combos we work a lot. Check it out and make sure your practicing a little bit everyday on your own. Make sure your moving this feet and hips and bringing your hand back to your face with each punch. Do it right, before you do it fast. The speed will come. 

It's been a great productive day so far and I gotta get back to work. I'll see you soon. Remember your only here or working out 1-2 hours a day. So make the best of the other 22. Eat right, get rest, and love everybody. 

Practice every day

by Kevin Kristopher on 05/08/18

If you want to be great at something you have to practice everyday. It doesn't matter if that something is: boxing, any sport, a relationship, a diet... It doesn't matter. You have to do a little bit each and everyday. Just be better then you were yesterday.     

Click on this link below and watch the small video of one of the combos we often work in the boot camp, or during our training sessions. Practice this at home in the mirror. I promise it will help. 
Have fun with it and get those punch numbers down